Management Liability Risks for Businesses

New Product Line Launched By IRIS

Today almost any business can find itself facing a liability lawsuit. A Management Liability lawsuit can put business and personal asset...

Apr. 24, 2015

Real Estate Insurance Solutions

From their facades to their landscapes to their internal environments, every property has its own unique risks and exposures. Real Estate risks are real, and we understand that. We...

Apr. 24, 2015

What You May Not Know About Earthquakes

Earthquakes occur almost every day in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. Most are not large enough to cause damage, but sooner or later a big one will hit. The resulting damage, loss...

Apr. 24, 2015

The Latest In Property Insurance

IRIS Offers The Latest In Custom And CAT Property Coverage

If you own property in high risk areas or have a high exposure such as habitation, hotels, vacant buildings, r...

Apr. 24, 2015