The Latest In Property Insurance

The Latest In Property Insurance

IRIS Offers The Latest In Custom And CAT Property Coverage

If you own property in high risk areas or have a high exposure such as habitation, hotels, vacant buildings, restaurants or just need high property limits, then IRIS has the answers. Commercial property insurance helps businesses, pay to repair or replace buildings and other property damaged or destroyed because of fire, storm, or other incidents covered by the owner's policy. The purpose of property insurance for the business is to provide critical financial assistance in the event of a loss, so that the enterprise can continue to operate with as little disruption as possible.

Our Solutions Include

Earthquake Deductible Buyback

• Limits: $1M

• Buy-down of $5,000 or 1% of property value (whichever is greater)

• All Construction Types; All Zones


Wind Deductible Buyback

• Wind & Hail in Tier 1 and 2

• Limits: $1.5M

• Min Deductible: $5000 in most states


CAT PROPERTY- All Risk including: Windstorm or Hail excluding Flood and Quake.

• Construction: All construction types; updates required on older buildings

• Limits: $25M (depending on construction type)

• TIV: Up to $25M

• No Barrier Islands

Our partnership with wkfc will allow IRIS to bring the latest in custom insurance products to the marketplace.


Apr. 24, 2015