Test Your Earthquake IQ

Test Your Earthquake IQ

We don’t need to be told that earthquakes create a risk for everyone patricianly in the west. But many people may not have all the facts, so we thought you might enjoy our Earthquake IQ test (EIQ).

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EIQ Test

  1. Name Five things building owners can do to limit earthquake damage.
  2. Should you include water is your disaster prep kit?
  3. If a major earthquake hits, the federal government will always step in.
  4. It will take months to get a quote. GET A QUOTE
  5. I have other needs beside earthquake, where can I get help?

What Is Covered By Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance covers damages to the commercial building including its contents and business personal property that are caused by earthquake. This might include collapsed walls or valuables that were destroyed inside the building. Earthquake insurance covers direct physical loss to property (buildings & equipment). Earthquake is normally defined in your policy as “shaking or trembling of the earth, caused by volcanic activity, tectonic processes, or any other cause.” Most policies state that any shocks that occur within a 72-hour period constitute a single earthquake.  

Dec. 08, 2014