Five Ways To Avoid Attorney Malpractice From On-Line Activities

Five Ways To Avoid Attorney Malpractice From On-Line Activities

There is no question that professional liability claims can create many problems and issues for law firms. We have found that there are risk management techniques that, if implemented, can reduce the possibility of malpractice claims. We design, underwrite and administer insurance programs, enjoying robust relationships among carriers with an in-depth understanding of Alternative Risk Placements.

  1. Do not write about clients without consent.
  2. Limit social media to general content.
  3. Avoid answering legal questions; keep information general.
  4. Use disclaimers.
  5. Make sure your site is updated and reflects current rules and laws.

Each law firm has a unique culture which requires unique solutions. We know and understand the issues that law firms face and we have solutions. We have the market relationships that allow us to offer all the insurance options that law firms require.  According to recent reports, large claims ($500,000 plus) against lawyers are increasing at 6% per year.

Call our office for the latest on Lawyers Professional Liability insurance. We’ve earned an exceptional reputation for providing superior service and quality admitted and non-admitted markets.

The IRIS Lawyers Malpractice Programs are among the fastest growing, most competitive Errors and Omissions Programs in the country. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with ways in which they could help your clients:

Our Admitted Lawyers Program, underwritten by an "A" rated carrier.

We offer several premium reduction incentives to firms specializing in certain areas of practice; elect for a higher deductible or are members of one of the sponsoring Bar Association

Dec. 08, 2014