Top Insurance Myths

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There are many insurance myths floating around, and most of them have been around for years. We want to respond to these myths with clear information, so that you can make educated decisions about...

Jan. 16, 2013

California Earthquake Insurance…what you need to know

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There is no question California earthquake insurance can be confusing. We wanted to provide this question and answer in order to help buyers of earthquake insurance better understand how the covera...

May. 21, 2013

Lawyers Professional Liability Risks

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Today almost any business, including lawyers, can find themselves facing a liability lawsuit. A professional Liability lawsuit can put a firm’s assets at risk. One simple mistake could cause...

Oct. 22, 2013

Claim Reduction for Attorneys


There is no question that professional liability claims can create many problems and issues for law firms. We have found that there are risk management technique...

Apr. 11, 2014