Attorneys Errors & Omissions

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Obtaining professional liability or malpractice insurance is something that most law firms review each year. Litigation against law firms is growing every day. According to the latest numbers, abou...

Mar. 05, 2013

Why is Lessor’s Risk Insurance Important?

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Lessor's Risk Insurance Coverage is designed to provide liability and property coverage for building owners who lease their buildings. This type of policy also provides liability and property c...

Sep. 17, 2013

What Earthquake Insurance Does Not Cover

We receive questions almost everyday about what Earthquake (EQ) covers and what EQ does not cover. We thought it might be interesting to continue this discussion by highlighting areas that EQ does...

Mar. 25, 2014

Current Risk Trends for Lawyers

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Every so often we think it is a good idea to talk about what may be happening regarding Risk trends for in the legal field. We review many different insurance pu...

Apr. 11, 2014